Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Spice spice baby

Me: Ummmm....hunny...I think we are spice hoarders.
Hubster: Ummmmm....hunny....it's all your fault, you always tell me when we are in town that you need this one or that one, and I can't check the cupboards first to see if we have it already or not.
Me: I don't know what your talking about....I haven't needed or used half of these freakin spices that are now taking over our kitchen.
This is how my Monday afternoon was spent....taking every spice jar, container, bag, package that was in the cupboard or box or black hole lol and combining them all into my canning jars and labeling them....my husbster did not stop sneezing for two hours LOL.
However.....FINALLY it's all organized and labeled and we BOTH now know what we have and I am pretty sure we won't be buying any spices for a year lol.
Now....to spice things up :-) spice spice baby!!!

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