Thursday, February 6, 2014

Today's topic: Key phrases or words

******WARNING.....SWEAR WORDS AND OFFENSIVE LANGUAGE WILL BE USED IN THE FOLLOWING POST!*********************************************

Today started like any other day....get up early, go to work, begin work day with a morning meeting. this morning meeting....I brought up a wee bit of a "sensitive" topic. I started off my little rambling this morning by wanting to address the "elephant in the room"....meaning there was some serious tension going on in the last few days at work among our little group of 10 or so....and I thought I would be the one to address the affects of this tension on me and how I felt like because of the "douche baggery attitude" (yes, that is the exact words I used, and another co worker loved it so much he wrote it down and continued to use it for the rest of the day) our TEAM was falling apart. I also wanted to point out the affects of others bad attitudes gave others in the other part of this giant company a bad idea of who we ALL were, and I did not like being lumped in with the other douche baggeries. I suggested we act as a team and work together rather then against each when I addressed this "section of bad apples" ( meaning there were only two guys I was really directing this at, but I did not say their names, I just said ALL fork lift drivers) I guess they did not like this, however....there was really only ONE guy who I was giving a particular scenario about, and he knew who he was, but he himself did not have the balls to confront me after...he sent his large outspoken bully buddy after me. Now this guy was currently be "watched" by management as it was...and what he said to me today just tipped the scale over the edge and knocked him self out of the work park.
You see......he first came up to me ALONE...cause that's what this bully does best....tries to intimidate....sadly for him....he has NEVER dealt with a woman like ME before ;-) He then started in a normal voice telling me that "I am to never talk like that in a morning meeting again, unless I have all the facts right...and that yesterday he tried calling me 9 times and I never answered" to which now there was one more person there who shot down his claim and this angered him immensely,now another person shows up, and when I too was able to prove to him his claims were false and then invited him to our bosses office for further discussion since he was so eager to NOW talk about this rather then when we were all together and not secluded....he lost his totally freaked out in aggressive anger and called me a "fucking cunt". Now to most people they might have a total break down from hearing this...well.....this is not my first rodeo nor will it be my last....I'm a big girl with big girl panties, and this little man has NOTHING he can do to affect me.....why you ask....CAUSE I DON'T LET SMALL MEN AFFECT ME LIKE's sad actually that he has no control over his words or emotions and has to resort to such pathetic behavior.
So, with in the hour, he was fired and walked pay out no nothing..fired and gone.
I just wanna know when I get a freakin award for not cold caulking him into next Thursday!!! :-)

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