Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Racism alive and well in 2014

Well, I am usually able to find a funny cartoon or meme to attach to my blog posts...but not today. I don't want to find something funny for such a serious subject. Sometimes I just need to get down and real about shit and today is one of those days, and this is why.
Yesterday a co worker saw a man outside heading towards a door at our work, and as the man approached the door, he asked him "Can I help you?"....the man asked where he goes to apply for a job, to which the co worker responded with...."we are not hiring, in fact we are doing lay off's".....as the man was walking away...these are the exact following words that came out of his mouth "Oh man, it's never felt so great to tell a drunk fucking chug there is no job for him here"....and as he as saying this sentence....he got more and more excited and energized that he was able to destroy this person.
Now....let me explain a few things here....the man that walked up to this door was of First Nations descent, well dressed.....NOT drunk like it was claimed, and we ARE in fact hiring fork lift drivers who we are in desperate need of in which maybe this man had the skill set....but now we will never know this because of my experience that I witnessed.
So....how did this all end.....well....let's just say it has NOT ended....and that this has now turned into a DAILY work torment I am sure for the both of us now.
I torment him about was a racist douche bag he is, and I print stuff out at home and bring it to him in the mornings, and say things like "educate yourself before you open your mouth about shit you don't know anything about".....and he continues to be disgustingly racist towards First Nations...and quite proudly too.
However.....what I do know he needs most is someone to show HIM unconditional love....for he has not had that in his life....and to have so much anger...well one is not born that way, they are made and influenced that way....so I am making it my duty in my life and time at this particular job to show him love and kindness even though he is angry and bitter and clearly hurt, and show him that love can prevail.....I WILL BREAK HIM OF HIS DARKNESS....so please....send your good vibes this way so I can feel them not only replenish me daily but inspire me to be a model to him, so he can see that's it's so much nicer to be happy then to be angry and bitter all the time.
I started today by telling him that no matter how racist he is or what he says that may make my heart cringe, I love him and accept him for all that he is....and I know this makes him cringe, I also told him, that we may not agree, and that's okay, but I still love him ( and by love, I mean in a Mom kinda unconditional love way...let's just make that very clear...he's just a kid...who currently isn't feeling any love from his real Mom either).
I could go on and on with all the other things that came out of his mouth in regards to racism, but I feel no need to glorify his non sense here...I shall just leave it at this...that it's 2014 and there is youth out there still that think it's okay to demoralize others different from them selves....moments like these make me shake my head and wonder what went wrong and where.

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