Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Eye eye doctor

So it's been about 4 years since I have seen an eye doctor and today I had an appointment to see if there were any changes.
So since we moved, this eye doctor is new to me. He is a young buck, and a funny one at that. Just like the pic above...he asked the usual..."is one better then 2, is 6 more or less then 7" which I answered "I failed math" he giggled a bit, finished up his test, entered his "findings" and then turned to me to tell me my results.
So he says to me "Robyn...over the next four years or so your gonna find your self pulling the book further away or closer to you, like your adjusting to make it clearer.....this will get worse and worse"
I replied with "Well aren't you just the bad news bear.....are you telling me this because I'm getting"
He said "Well....I'm just trying to gently point out the obvious"
I couldn't get mad at him...he was freakin funny, and he said that for all the years I have ever teased anyone about them taking off their glasses to see's payback time.
I still can't believe I had to pay 90 bucks for a test that took less then 10 minutes, and included questions like, is 4 better then 5 and he entered a few things in the computer. Sheesh...these doctors.....eye tell ya :-)

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