Saturday, February 8, 2014

What in the world are we doing? crazy that for most of the world this is true....unless you have some sort of awakening and realization and get out of it. I was blessed to have five years FREE of this when we lived in our forest on 12 acres....the most blissful five years of my life.
Now being back in the hub of things....I feel us slipping back in to this and it's we really want to be back in this mind frame again? NO
So....what to do we get out of this? Not sure yet, but I'm gonna work on it that's for sure!

And how true has this become too! That this has somehow been switched around.....and this whole paradigm shift has happened so fast....look how fast the world has changed even from the 60's to's staggering....yes there are similarities that have lasted through time....but the evolution of all of this is...well....frightful.

I see this and I do no want to be this. So I shall spend my Saturday, purging....purging of consumption guilt and reflecting on better days.....grateful for my therapeutic five years....and how I can be more like that person again. Happy Weekend :-)

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