Friday, February 28, 2014

Let me in your inner dome

I am addicted to people....this is no secret.....but it takes the right type of people to turn my crank...I can't just get addicted to any ol person.....there are people that are unique and interesting but quite frankly annoying as hell to no....I am not addicted to them. What is it that piques my interest of a person? I have no freakin's like a crap shoot....there is no pattern so far....I can't say what the "selling point" lol....of a person's brain....some people will say one sentence and I just have this drive to not let them leave and I need to ask them 20 more questions immediately, there are times when they just cross my path, don't say a word and I just have this feeling that I need to pick their brain. It's the brain picking I love the dive into the depths of the person's brains...their pattern of thinking and thought process, the understanding of what and why.
I probably should have gone to school to be a physiologist, but I'd have to listen to everyone lol....even the annoying that would suck....cause it's all fun and games till someone gets punched in the head.
So...if you meet me, and I'm asking you many while you still can....cause if you don''s gonna be a long long visit lol.

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