Sunday, February 16, 2014

When strangers become friends

Last summer I met these three strangers....I am proudly able to call them friends now. People that I can call up and say "hey....I'm in town, lets go grab some food".....or in one gals case who is in this photo....I was able to call her and say " the heck do you sew the neckline of a shirt?" which she responded with "come on over and I'll show you how".
The gal on the far left (on my right) is the one who "picked up a stray"...meaning me :-) She saw my add on the festival site and for the first time in her life, she took a chance she said for some reason and just felt moved to answer me and pick me up.
Well....who knew.....that it would turn out like it has. This weekend she came out from the big city (Calgary) and came for a visit. I now call her the city mouse and myself the country mouse. Well.....when the city mouse comes to the county she brings awesome city treats from fancy stores for us!

She had some awesome city fancy name for these....something like Macrons? Not sure...but soooooooooo freakin yummy and delicate...and she also brought the hubster some awesome smoked super uber thin buffalo he was so happy to get treats too lol.
It just feels so good to be so blessed by life's events and how they change things.....I am so happy to have met this wonderful group, and to be able to call them friends. We look forward to many more fun times with them all....the next one being in June when we go to the city for a fun adult musical dinner theater with some more city fancy food and company.
However, we can't wait that long to see the next time we are in the big city....the fancy friend who came for a visit this weekend is taking us out for Ethiopian food...CANNOT excited.
I really really like the city mouse....just sayin :-)

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