Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Another one of those moments

It still boggles my mind how MY vegetarianism seems to affect people who are NOT me lol. This particular special moment was today with another co worker....however...this one was sorta a cute one...but non the less...still awkward. My co worker being a meat eater....and now having the chance to get to know me a bit better over the last four months, has now come to some understanding of who I am...and he no longer feels the need to tell me how great his meat sandwich is or how great his steak was last night (which when people do this it still makes me wonder who the unstable one if all veg heads go around loudly announcing how great their beans were last night lol) today, he announced that he was eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, and how he wondered if I noticed that when he has a ham sandwich he doesn't eat by me cause he has respect for me so he goes away to eat his meat.....uuuuummmmmm.....I didn't even know what to say.....ummmmm, thank you? lol.
He thought that he was doing a good thing to leave me in my area to eat his my shock left and my sassy ass kicked back into gear I asked him if he left to eat his meat in shame because of the guilt LOL. Anyway...he just felt that he was doing a good thing by not inflicting his meat desires in front of me.....which in a sense is nice, but however, not necessary....I told hubster devours meat regularly, and I do not have a problem with meat, I just choose not to eat it...but for some reason his drive to be respectful of " us vegetarians", he will no longer eat meat in front of me or another one if he ever met "one of us again".
But on a side note.....I did break the "man does not garden" ego barrier he did put up.....cause he is now super excited about creating his very first patio garden this spring all because of me....I even got him set up with buckets from work today which we drilled holes into the bottom of...and another guy even came over and advised him to put some pebbles in the bottom for better drainage lol.....I printed him off a list of shade veggies and other ones he could grow easily on his balcony and all the things he could do in his apartment to start the process's just so exciting to watch others get excited about the idea of producing their very own food.....soooooooooooooooooooooooo awesome!!!!! I had such a proud "work mamma moment" :-)

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