Friday, December 20, 2013

That working thing.....

Like I said before.....I work with all men...except for two other women that I rarely see, but when I do we gang up with each other like a crazed pack of wolves lol.....cause we are so excited to see another woman.
So I have not posted for a while just because I have been so darn tired, and my last weekend off, we had our daughter and her fiancé over for a awesome sometimes one just needs to sit back and enjoy life a bit.
That being is really starting to bud in on the whole enjoying life thing. I currently work 4 10 hr work days, Mon-Thur add on another 45 min driving time to that each way and my day starts to get a little long...add bad weather winter driving on to that and it get's even longer.
So there is a change coming through the warehouse I work at and it would give me the opportunity to work 5 days a week, Mon-Fri, but from 7-3:30pm. YES....this would be soooooooooo great, I would not be so zombified for the four days, and I would get more then an half hour of conversation time with my husband before I go to bed and pass out.
So cross your fingers and toes that it will all work out in the new year....if it happens it will happen sometime in Jan, so send all yer good vibes my way pleeeeeeeeease :-)
Before I left work yesterday for our company wide xmas break of 7 days off....I gave each one a hug as I was leaving....they all just shit their one has ever shown any type of personal connection to each other there, and it's so I was walking away, I heard one guy ask another guy "dude, did ya cop a feel....I sure did" LMAO.....ummmmm WHAT.....well, I never felt it lol.
Maybe one day I'll be able to get these crazy cranky men to chill out and actually start caring about each other....I totally understand that some of them truly are mentally crazy and we have to work with each other...but maybe I can get the "old lady gossip syndrome" they seem to have to calm down a bad we all couldn't get a 15 min mediation break....not that ANY of them would do it...but oh man....the results and benefits to these men if they DID do it would be truly spectacular. to prep for the next round of visitors to the house....happy weekend all :-)

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