Friday, December 27, 2013


I struggled with the title of this first I was gonna type "Once again" but then I felt it was appropriate to call it Sheep instead.
Why Sheep? Well because I run into so many humans herding like sheep through their day of life. So so sad to watch. Today at work the subject of me being a vegetarian came up once again....and once again....I was attacked and told I was stupid and an idiot for not eating for more then a year I have learned how to deal with I know that the people that do this to me are just dealing with their own insecurities of ME being a vegetarian....which AGAIN seems hilarious that they feel so threatened with MY decision to not eat meat.
Today one of my supervisors went off on a tangent about how I need to eat fish and chicken or else I am gonna get really really sick, and how he had a friend who was a vegetarian who worked out and was very fit and he got super sick and almost died and now he eats meat cause the doctors all say we have to have meat. So I smiled politely and asked him if he believes what all the doctors tell him. He did not respond. I asked him who benefits from us being sick? He did not know how to answer. I told him, that along with the medical industry, the government all profits from the world being ignorant sheep who just do as THEY say...heaven forbid if we have or own thoughts or idea about something and take a stand.
I was then told that anything I read is bullshit and that I am just wrong, we were born with teeth and we have been eating meat since the beginning of time and that's just the way it is. So I asked what I thought was a simple question? "Who told you that we have been eating meat since the beginning of time?"
The stuttering started....and the fractured answers started to spew.....and the blood pressure of all others in the room went through the roof except mine....and I knew I had to drop it. There is a time and a place to try to educate people about what they have been brain washed to believe. Today was not that day as these people are not yet ready to hear some truths. There is no point in speaking if your not going to be heard with an open mind and open ears.
Once day, maybe I'll see that day, maybe not.

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