Friday, December 6, 2013

Another chapter

My baby girl is embarking on the next journey of her life. MARRIAGE! Yes...that's right....that's exactly what I said I old enough to have a child getting married? LMAO.
I have never been more proud as a Mom of such an amazing human like my daughter. Yes she is young....but she is NOT stupid, in fact, quite the opposite. She is a brilliant young woman with a good head on her shoulders with nothing but the future ahead of her.
Because my daughter is so young (19) she has been welcomed with some heartache with the announcement of her engagement and I feel so sad for her in that respects. This is HER day...not anyone else. It's her day to feel the amazing love a man that wants to spend the rest of their lives together. This man that has asked this of her loves her more then anything, and I have seen this. I have seen how he makes my daughter feel, and I see how she shines with him. That's important....does he bring the best out in my daughter....YES. She brings out the good in him too!
Will they make mistakes in life and marriage being so young? You bet your ass they will....and that's okay...cause that's LIFE. You can't have life with out going through trial and tribulations. So for the people out there making a big fuss.....CALM DOWN......first of all....they are not getting married for a few years...they are grown adults, who are living THEIR lives.....why can't people just be HAPPY. I am over the moon with happiness.
My daughter just about shit her pants when I asked "when do I get grandbabies?" LOL
It's funny....when my daughter first told me, she thought she was gonna get a big ol lecture from me about being too young and on and when I exploded with delight, she didn't know what to do.
I want to be the parent that my children can hardly wait to share their news with...not the one that they dread having to talk to.
I can hardly wait to share in this momentous life experience that my daughter is going to have and a life journey she is going to embark on!
Her father, not so happy. He is worried about his baby girl. I am not sure if this stems from our own failed marriage. Her father and I got married when he was 19 and I was 22. We were young and dumb and doing it for all the wrong reasons. That mistake cost us both dearly, both mentally and emotionally. I'd like to think though that our daughter is moons ahead of us though in the intelligent department. She is not making a silly rash decision, like I feel her father and I did. Our short marriage at our young age was not a good experience, and for that reason I can only assume this is where his fear and anger comes from.
I hope for his baby girls sake, he can see the good in it all. She is not us....she is BETTER then us, and for that I am grateful and pleased.
Congrats to my daughter!!!! And may your life be filled with many many blessings! I LOVE YOU!
The birth of a GREAT human, and my precious treasure.
She was ALWAYS smiling as kid.
I think it scares a lot of people that she has the some of her Mothers weirdness lol
The happy couple!


  1. after many afternoon tears and an evening of tears, i reminded her that she is her daddies "baby girl" always, even if he struggles the next few months to wrap his head around that his "baby" is engaged she has a TON of family that will support her and go through this fun stage in her life. as long as she is treated like a queen and respected as a woman this aunty and uncle will swing from the branches with her in excitement, but look out if he doesn't lol. he, as did Greg and Rainer will have to figure out how this family ticks as crazy and loud as is it, that is what we are :-) and they have both done a darn good job with all of us i do say lol :-)

    1. Well said sister well said.....yes, our husbands have done a GREAT job of "dealing" with us lol....and so another male will be entering the world of "crazies" lol.