Saturday, December 28, 2013

It's a Canadian thing?

So this post is a result from a conversation my hubster had with his folks back in Germany. You see....they are "not so on board" with my hubster's unique facial look he has been sporting for a while now.
He is sporting it because his wife LOVES it. I love how fierce he looks, I also think it makes him look very distinguished and one of a kind....I great is look unique and one of a kind. I think it's GREAT. His Mommy thinks not. Well that is why he married me and not his Mommy :-)
I love how with each year passing it gets more distinguished with the grey and this look is not for everyone, which I totally understand, and if I didn't like it I would kindly suggest for maybe a break in the look. But either way, if it's what makes my hubster feel great, then who am I to suggest another look.
The one thing that gave me a terrific laugh when my hubster told me about his conversation with his folks was this.....his Mom said to him "As long as your wife likes it, it's all good...and besides....we see that it's a Canadian thing anyways, we've seen Ice Road Truckers, there is lot's of your kind out there" LMAO.....OMG....that was so freakin awesomely hilarious...I loved it!
I met my inlaws five years ago, for three weeks when they came to Canada....and I have yet to meet my dearest brother in law and his family. We have talked briefly via phone and emails, but I truly desire to sit down in a pub somewhere in Germany and talk the night away with this long lost brother in law of mine and pick his brain and learn everything I possibly can about him and my husband and hear all the fantastic stories about their life together in what seems like another time. I can't wait to hold two little girls that I have never met, but who have pictures of me and call me Auntie. To see the town where my husbands roots are from, to eat freakin amazing German food, and to some how come out of all of it without opening my big ass Canadian mouth with out offending anyone LOL. To walk hand in hand with my Ice Road Trucker look a like husband in a place that I have only to this day dreamed about.
Long live the fierce beards!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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