Saturday, December 7, 2013


Last night our village lost power. Now normally this would not be a big light some candles and you get forced to sit and talk to your spouse lol. The reason this was a big deal last night is because the temperature was -37 WITHOUT windchill. It was freakin ass cold. So when the power goes out and your furnace is not running....things cool down fast. So at first when we looked out the windows into the darkness, you could see flashlight bobbing around in people's homes, you then could begin to see the flickering of candles.....but then....people were getting in their vehicles within a half hour...just so they could stay warm.
Our community has a lot of elderly and so a lot of their homes as well are not the most efficient either....why I am not sure, as this is freakin Alberta.....but then's southern Alberta and apparently this is not normal for this area. So after half hour of being forced to communicate with my hubster lol....we get a knock at the door. It's our neighbors, and they are going around and checking on people, seeing if everyone is okay, if anyone needs anything, if anyone is cold etc. all I could think.....what a great sense of community. We then found out that others were doing this as well.....everyone just gets together and checks on each other.
So since we were just bored and getting chillier by the minute, our neighbors said come on over, as they had some adult bevies to keep our tummies warm and a propane heater. So off we went...we were the first to arrive....and then the post office lady arrived.....all in was a great 3 hours we spent together. Lots of talking, story telling, sharing....nothing like a cold night with a power outage to bring everyone closer together!

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