Sunday, December 22, 2013

Cousin love :-)

Well I'm not sure they are cousins really, but for the sake of this story they are lol. My brother brought his two cats Quazar and Charlie (both males) out with him for his visit here....and they have now met their cousin the giant flemish rabbit Aspen (girl). I am pretty sure I died from cuteness over load when they first met.
My brother arrived pretty late, 3 am in the morning actually, so Aspen thought it was day time and time to play lol....the cats were at first totally terrified as to why there was an animal bigger them then with giant was so freakin hilarious watching them try to process what they were looking at.
But it didn't take long and Charlie (the black one) was laying down and grooming Aspen by licking the top of her head, with the occasional pat on the head with her soft paw.
The cousins have been getting along ever since!

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