Thursday, December 26, 2013

Family time

Well I was truly blessed this season....I feel like we have been having Christmas for two weeks now. First our daughter was out with her fiance, then my brother was out for four days, and we ended it off yesterday by spending the day in the city at our son and g/f house. This was the first Christmas that as parents, we got to go TO the kids place....they are old enough now that they can host the dinner...and it was son's amazing g/f made a terrific vegetarian dinner.....I was so full and wishing for seconds but could not force anymore in!
My poor hubster feels like he has been discussing the issues of spirituality, the after life, ego, government, astral projection and a host of other out of the ordinary topics for the past couple of weeks....this is due to my side of the family being quite out of the box he is very happy to just sit and not have to use his brain for a while lol......poor guy....he did sooooooooooooo well and truly did step out of his comfort zone, but he does admit he liked it!
Family photo :-)

I love my kids!


This is what happens when I show up with crazy dollar store glasses at Christmas....copious amounts of fun and madness. When my husband and I first arrived, we were wearing these glasses as our son answered the door and he was so funny how these silly glasses just changed everything lol.
My daughter made these AWESOME owls for me!

Again....I love my kids!

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