Sunday, December 8, 2013

Warming up?

This is what I wish I had for the last week. Just to sit in a full body sweater....maybe that somehow would make the cold feel better.
It's has warmed up to a balmy -17 this morning....which is sooooooooooo warm compared to the last week which was never warmer then -30. So I mean, this is practically t-shirt weather.
Yesterday, finally after two days of NOT starting, we got our vehicle to start...just enough so we could get it into the garage to warm up and thaw out.
Thankfully we have amazing neighbors who let us take their truck to go to town yesterday to get groceries and stuff....and by the time we got back last night that is when we were able to get our suv started. Again, so great to live in a small community with neighbors like that!
So now hopefully we can all start the thaw out and we can pull off the socks in the bathroom LMAO.

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