Monday, December 2, 2013

Snow day

You would think that this is not bad....but this was as clear as it got...and this only lasted 20 seconds.

Again, one of those rare moments I was able to see the road on the way home today.
Snow is blowing so crazy that it's starting to pile up on the windows....the drifts around the village are also insane!
I left for work today at 5:30am.....and by 9am I was sent home by my boss, who said he would rather us be home then on the roads later at night in the dark risking our lives. There is a Alberta winter storm warning, and boy, they were not kidding.
I have lived in Alberta before, so winter storms are not new or shocking to me, I have driven in some good ones.....but it's been a long time since I have experienced one like this.....driving the entire way on the side rumble strips just so I knew where I was and that I was still on the road somewhere. Everyone on the road was driving with their four way flashers on too....cause no one knew where anyone else was on the road either, yet alone them selves lol. So....I did two hours of work and then came home, thankfully I have a understanding boss!
So, for the rest of the day....I think I shall drink tea and turn it into a craft day. Happy snow day!

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