Wednesday, September 4, 2013

A fighter!

The last few weeks have been a whirl wind of activity for our family to say the least. It started off with my family all coming out to Alberta and having a party for my sister and her 50th bday and my Dad's 80th bday and having all the siblings together for the first time in about 15 yrs.
Then me and the hubster headed back to the farm in BC and picked up our final load of belongings out of the sea can and brought it back here to AB. We were home for less then 15 hrs when we got an emergency phone call that my one and only blood uncle was in the ICU in Vancouver and he had already died twice and they brought him back. My sister and I made the decision to leave right away and head for Vancouver to see our only uncle. My husband drove me to Calgary where my sister is and then my sister and her husband and I drove all through the night to make it to Abbotsford where we would meet up at our parents place. We arrived at 7am and slept at their house for two hours, woke up and hit the road for down town Vancouver.
All we knew was that he had knee surgery 2 days prior and this was complications from that surgery. Non of us knew what was happening until we go there to see him.
It was the best decision we ever made to see him, and it was worth the insane all night drive to be there. My sister in law, who is a nurse her self, who has worked on the heart transplant ward of VGH, and has had the most insanely intense hospital jobs a nurse could have told us that 75% of people who go through what our uncle went through DIE. She said it absolutely was a miracle he was alive and doing as well as he was.
While he was intabated with a tube down his throat but awake and conscious, the first thing he scribbled on a piece of paper to my Dad was "what are we gonna do about our lottery tickets" LOL....seriously.....he just died.....TWICE...and that's what he writes on a piece of paper to my Dad.
When we get there, the tube was out and he sees us in the ICU for 5 minutes, and his big concern was where was he gonna recommend that we eat in the big city while there! WTF.....crazy Uncle Nick!!!
He had a couple of good days while we were there, but today he sounded weak and down today, and that saddens me, as I wish him a speedy recovery. He has not been up or moved around at all, and for a man that has been on the go non stop for his whole 67 yrs. this is hard.
I do believe without a shadow of a doubt, that his life style has saved him this time. I have a cousin who joked at first that he was the healthiest one in the family and HE'S in the hospital....however, I truly to believe it's because of that he is alive today. He's been a jogger up until a year or so ago, when his knee got bad and he couldn't run anymore...that was HORRIBLE for him...but he got this knee surgery done and then complications arose and I think his vegetarian life style and exercising is what saved him and helped him to keep living.
I pray that he continues to recover in a speedy fashion and that he will live to run the sea wall once again!!!

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