Monday, September 23, 2013

Hit by the "sick" bus is day seven of being sick. It's been a pretty long time since I have been THIS sick. I have had a cold here and there, but I was still able to go to work. Well THIS one has kicked my ass literally!!!!
I had what felt like razor blades in my throat for 5 of these seven days...yes...I went to the doctor, got meds...and STILL had razor blades in my throat. I was stuffed up on top of that, blowing the good green goop out my nose all day and all night...and the coughing that wouldn't stop til I puked and puked...which ignited to razor blades in the throat AGAIN.
So just when I thought THAT was the worst.....I get up to cough/puke again and I couldn't figure out why my left eye was not opening up for me so I could see the toilet for perfect aim. Well...looking in the mirror was like looking at a still picture of a horror film....scared the shit out of myself.
My eye was closed shut and sealed with green dried goop on the outside and nice fresh green goop on the after doing my one eye puking I was able to ungoop the one eye.
Then by 5am that same morning....the other eye was closed....YUP.....what a freakin treat I was that morning.
I came upstairs in the morning to a frightened husband who I can't even imagine what the hell he was thinking when he saw me.....he took me to emergency where even THEY looked at me like a freak show...WTF....are they no trained for this LOL.
So....slowly....I am getting my self back to "normal".....this should be IT for all sicknesses for at least 10 years.....RIGHT!!

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