Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Sometimes in this crazy world of social media I believe we need to disconnect a wee bit and remember who we are.
I am just as guily for spending oodles of time on facebook, or just surfing the net mindlessly....before you know it.....three hours is gone and you have nothing to show for your time.
It seems our world has become so obsessed with seeing what everyone else is doing that we forgot to care about what "we" ourselves should be meditating....slowing down...not trying to "fit" stuff in because we are sooooooo busy....we are not busy.....we just choose the internet to be our focus...whether it's from and Iphone or a lap top or whatever.....step back and disconnect for a day or two....that's what I am doing....I am going to do some meditating, some reflection and get things done around the house "not because I can fit them in".

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