Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The system is chapping my hyde!

As some of you may have read a few months ago...this summer I attended court back in BC...all due to a incident when I worked at a convenient store a year ago.
That court hearing that I was to be a witness at was "dismissed" temporarily due to "over booking" of the court room for the day.
Well it's been a month or so ago now and I still have not received my compensation from BC's crown counsel for driving out there and back and the time and effort it took to do so...and as they promised it to me as well.
So I give them a shout today and while I was asking where my money is, I also happened to ask them if they knew if the case had been rescheduled yet. Well.....wouldn't you know it...it's been set for DECEMBER 17, 2013!!!!!!!!!! Right smack in the middle of winter, just before Christmas!!!!! I just about choked on my tongue when I sputtered out..."your freakin joking me right?"....to which she said nothing :-)
Because of the shock I was in I began to immediately spew out my distorted demands to her not stopping for air lol....one of which was....I WILL NOT BE DRIVING IN WINTER CONDITIONS....SO YOU BETTER GET THE CHARTERED PLANE READY!!!!
She then went on to speak in some ridiculous dribble that I paid no attention to because of my immediate anger at this WHOLE situation and how because of some douche bag I am being forced to rearrange my life ONCE AGAIN. I don't really think it's safe for crown counsel to put me on the stand....I think in fact I shall state this fact to them next time we have words...that in fact, I am going to be detrimental to their case if asked to come out again!!!! END OF CASE!!!! :-) That or I will come up with some facts about have a terrible diarrhea disease that's can't be dealt with :-)

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