Thursday, September 26, 2013


~ A mental process of judging.
This terrifies some....others embrace the opportunity to even have the choice. I tend to be of the latter.  As hard as some I have had to make in my life...I am so ever grateful to be given the chance and opportunity to have a choice.
This what having a "choice" means to me.
I am pretty sure I could go on with my list.....but these seemed to pop out near the top for me as I sit here writing this post by the seat of my pants.
This post has evolved today because I was put in the path of a "choice".  Here is a little bit about how it all started.
A few weeks ago, I applied to MANY jobs.....I felt like a bit of a job whore actually lol. Pimping my stuff to anyone who had a front door or an email address really. Some looked terrified....some patronized me and I then really did feel like a two bit whore...but whatever....when someone speaks to me with a condescending tone or way, I just feel sorry for them now.....sorry that they are CLEARLY not as sophisticated as I am and that's why they are jealous lol. I have had many interviews....which is great, because I do have a small addiction to interviews...where this comes from I do not know, but they don't scare me one bit....I freakin get a euphoric high off of them that cannot be explained. I think it started about 10 years ago, when I decided it was ridiculous to be afraid of interviews and look at them as reversal interviews. This is when I started to "turn" them around. You see...I always felt "not as good as the next guy" when applying for jobs or in the interview, but that changed. I started going into the interviews with the idea of "umm yeah, clearly I am the BEST one for this job....but are you the best job for ME?" And then I would ask them more questions about them selves or their company and they would get all kerfuffled and not know what to do. Over the years I honed my skills at this...doing major research of the company and the interviewer themselves to get a leg up on them....and so it just wound up turning into a challenge. Back then I would apply for jobs that really were totally out of my league just to see how I could "turn it around" and get experience from each situation and learn from that one and better my technique for the next one.....I mean....if they are gonna call me and bring me in...then it's their fault LOL.
Anyways, I was offered a job at this one place a week or so ago....customer service type job....not one that I really wanted...but was easy to get, easy job to do, it was part time and it got me out of the house to start.
Well then I went for ANOTHER interview for a job that I much preferred to have....again....even though it was the job I actually wanted....I went in with a rather arrogant but precise where you felt like this: yes I want and need the job, but I am not going to kiss your ass you either freakin like me and I will work my ass off for you or this interview is done.
I even told them near the end of the interview...I have been offered another job at another business, I would rather not take that job, so if you could let me know now or later today that would be great, as I would like to be respectful of the other offer and let them know asap.
I walked out of the office and they called me at home within two hours.
So, this is where the dilemma of choices came up. Do I quite the part time job that I started THAT day (yesterday) and just stick with the one full time one that is WONDERFUL. It's mon-thurs 7am-5:30pm, my WHOLE weekend off. Or do I do BOTH.
Now here's the thing. I have just finished living for 5 years in a SMALL town where there is no such things as JOB freakin take what you can get and you freakin love it now matter what.
Here, in what people call "God's country" cause the money is flowing, the jobs are plenty, and you get CHOICES. To live in a place where I am afforded the opportunity to CHOOSE.....well....I look at that and I think that's pretty freakin fantastic. And I am humbled and grateful and I think that this is a great day.
So great I decided to keep BOTH of the jobs. For now...until January. So pretty much starting in a few days, I will not have a day off until I told the hubster ya hunny, if you want some ya better get er done this after this weekend, it's gotta wait til January lol. He now has a choice to make!!!!!! :-)

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