Thursday, August 22, 2013

Mamma bear and Pappa bear come to visit

So this week at our house it's been very busy and hectic, but in a good way. My sister celebrates her 50th birthday this week and so we had her's and my Dad's 80th celebration all at the same time, since his is in November and he's in BC so we decided to host them both at the same time.
What my parents didn't know was that we would be surprising them with our other brother from BC as well...and it worked out great!
What was even better was having all the siblings together for the first time in a looooog time......every time we tried to get it to happen something happened where one could just not make it and it never happened. So FINALLY it all came together and it was a riot.
So for the last couple of days I have had just my parents here with us for some quiet time with us after everyone else left and it's been nice. They leave tomorrow and I will be sad, but it was good to have them. Today my parents planted 6 hosta plants in my front yard that my Mom had transplanted a few months ago for me from her plants back in BC. This evening we had a small and short fire in the back yard but it was nice to smell that wonderful fire pit smell.
Tomorrow we have one last breakfast together in the city and then they head back to Calgary to spend a little more time at my big sisters.
This is my Dad's supervising stance lol

So my Mom yells to me..."Robyn, come tell me where you want the plants to go", and then she just plants them where she wanted to anyways LMAO 
I think we have totally worn out the parents....both napping on the couch tonight ;-)
Having a small but fun fire with the folks.
The whole family together again. 

The siblings together again!
Us kids lined up in order of birth and then held our number up lol.

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