Thursday, September 5, 2013

And then there is Tony......

I met this man Tony by surprise. When we went back to our farm a week or so ago we arrived to seeing him on our farm. When we looked at him from afar the first words out of my mouth were "Is Moses building a house on our property?" lol.
Well it turns out that the lady who will be living on our property hired him to build a shelter over her trailer....but I had no idea who he was or that he would be upon arriving and believing that Moses was building, my mind was a spinning.
We got out of the truck and he came walking towards us and we introduced ourselves as the property owners and he knew who we were right away. From there...all I can say is that my mind was BLOWN. He is the most unique, authentic and realistic human, and it was so refreshing to meet him. We knew him for all of 10 minutes and we were having the most in depth life discussion, which included everything from sex, masturbation,  off grid living, gardening, respect and tolerance. YEAH.....what your thinking in your head is what I was thinking....WTF...but I was saying that in a "oh man, I can't stop talking to him cause he's soooooo amazing and interesting."
He told me many profound and insightful things in our short time together, but one that stands out and I do believe really is true and important is: Always take something from every conversation you have with people you meet and look them in the eye when you are having a conversation.
So I thank Tony for looking me in the eye, for giving me MANY things that I was able to take from our conversation together....and if you ever need someone to do some stuff for you and your in the Cariboo region....Tony is cheap and easy and really really good at what he does LOL.

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