Friday, September 27, 2013

Harvest season

Here in southern Alberta it's harvest season....the fields are very busy with every kind of combine machine equipment that one can think of.
So today, having the day off, I spent the later morning and early afternoon outside tidying up our backyard and garden area. I took out all the dead and dieing flowers and planted all my spring bulbs. We had our first frost last night, and I like to plant spring bulbs right after the first frost. I always look forward to spring to see how my hard work paid off from the fall.
To my surprise, I was able to still harvest some green beans and cucumbers even though we had a frost last night.
I also have a bunch of sunflowers that are about to burst will some wonderful fall colors...I had planted these ones pretty late in the summer and wasn't sure if they would even flower....but turns out I planted them just at the right time.

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