Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Women vs Men

First of all, let me just add this little disclaimer first...not all men are useless...lol....my hubster being one of those men..he is not only brilliant but so very helpful, useful and so good at everything I am more often then not in just plain awe of him.
But then there is the men at work...I was hired at the same time as another guy the same age as me....USELESS is what his name should be lol....then there are two other guys who are just over the age of 20..maybe....well these young strong men....and I say that world loosely (men), you would think...were good hard workers. Ummmmmm NO. This seems so crazy to me....seems so crazy to me that at work they now ask for ME instead of dumb dumber and dumbest. Not only can I get the job done NOW, I get it done fast and efficiently and I look for the next thing to do....now this doesn't mean there is a ton of stuff to do, it just means I am good at getting it all done fast. They all just drag it all out and people then think...oh man, we are so busy...but we actually are not....does that make sense? lol.
So today I walked into the office and I may have had a small rant on the inefficiencies of these three men and how it really irritates me that I am so much better then them lol....at the end of that rant, my two supervisors sat there with their mouths hanging open. lol.
So yeah....my new job is going great lol...seriously though....I really do love it....just not the dumb asses that are in my vicinity, but it sounds like I won't have to for very long :-)

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