Tuesday, October 1, 2013

How time flies!

I cannot believe it's OCTOBER already....wowzer. I remember a year ago, sitting in a recliner chair of the house we were temporarily living in...looking at my hubster and crying....because the at that time we had no idea yet what we were gonna be doing for a home, we did not know if we were gonna rebuild our burnt shell of a home...or move or anything...it was all up in the air....and winter would soon be upon us and it just all felt hopeless to me....I hated not having "our" home.
Not having something that was ours was difficult for me....yes I was very understanding and appreciative that I had a temporary place to live, but it was not ours.....and I knew that we would have "ours" again, I just did not know when, or how this would evolve.
So it's so crazy to sit here today in "our" home...knowing we are in "our" home and winter will soon be upon us and I have no worries. What a great feeling.
I love that my garden was put in this summer and that in the spring I can get to planting nice and early, I love that my spring bulbs are planted, I love that we have a garage that the hubster can tinker around in all winter. I love that I was blessed with not one but two jobs...I love that my son called me today for no reason but to say hi.
But seriously..it's freakin October 1 and there is 84 days and 6 hrs and 22 minutes left until Christmas!!!!

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