Friday, October 4, 2013

Testing 1..2..3...

Well today I headed to the city for some testing that is required by my new job that starts in a few weeks.
Two separate tests, across the city. So the first one I was told would take an hour and it's was described to me as "some bending, lifting and crouching". YEAH.....well, it was more like a torture session with a personal trainer! First thing....blood pressure....mine was 110/80....I ask him what "normal" is...he says..."wow...yours is really good, normal is 120/90"...I then replied with " thought the fat girl would have high blood pressure?" much fun to watch him stutter lol.
I then got hooked up with a heart rate monitor under my boobs....and I had to wear the watch the goes with it....and about every minute he asks what my heart rate is.
So I was put through a series of tasks....from carrying 100 lbs here to there, drop it, pick it up, carry again, lift the 100 lbs from this up to this and then down again. No prob...then I had to bend over and undo screws in a box for five prob....this test is for ones back was not the was my ASS that was the which this mortified the guy testing me...he says to me "how's your back"....I replied..."back is's the ass that's this normal?"....he told me that he had never heard of this problem before today lol.
I then had to climb a step ladder 8 times, clime stairs 8 times...and do a eleven minute crouching, kneeling, carrying thing that seems rather weird. Did some pushing and pulling tests, I had to do a pinch test that was the most bazaar thing I have had to do yet...pinching.....really...what the hell a I pinching that it needed to be tested lol.
By the end of the hour, me and Mr.Test dude were not best friends...I thanked him for our lil torture bonding session this morning and left...I did not like his lil snicker on his face when I left.
Second stop....drug and alcohol testing and sight and sound test.
PASSED THEM ALL....husband now says I can't use the excuse that I didn't hear him....hmm...however....perfect sight means I can see where he forgot to pick up his stuff!!!!!!!!! lol.

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