Monday, October 7, 2013

Sending shambhalove in October

Today I mailed out 24 envelopes to people who were at Shambhala this past summer but I did not meet them.
Why would I do that? Why wouldn't I do that!!! How great would it be to go to the mail box and NOT get a bill but a envelope with a Hootie patch inside instead. How great to put a smile on someones face for a split second.
I put it out there on the facebook page for the festival that I had 24 Hootie patches left and wanted them to have new was great to get feedback and address's from so many people.
I wish I had more to give, but these 24 will have to do. I have mailed today all over Canada...from Victoria BC to Montreal QC. Can't believe Hootie will be from coast to coast. Makes me smile :-)
I can't wait to hear what people do with them...if they sew them to backpacks or on to hats or whatever.....can't wait to hear :-)

Two different Hootie patches...I had 12 of each left

All packed up and ready to head to their new homes :-)

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