Thursday, October 10, 2013


Just as confused about the title of this blog post as buddy up top? Yup...well....that's how my day went yesterday for me. It all started at 8:30am.
I had gotten up earlier....gone for a wonderful, sunny yet cold cripsy fall walk, came home and there was a message on my answering machine. I pressed play and it was my soon to be supervisor of the new job I am to start next Tuesday. The "dream" job that I really wanted and got hired for...the job that I just did all the testing for last week.
So when I heard his voice on the machine telling me to call him...I thought to my self...hmmm, maybe he's just checking in with me before the long weekend and that's it. Well....when I called him back, and he knew it was me, his changed.
He told me that one part of my testing that I did came back a "fail".
Well I pretty much died over the phone...and then shock and anger kicked in rather fast. WHAT THE HELL DO YOU MEAN I FAILED....ummmmmm I don't fail shit! I excel at shit!
Well it turns out they head honcho people don't tell him "what part" I failed or the exact details of it...they just say..."she is not fit for duty". So this was shocking to me....since he already told me I was "hired and starting on the 15th"...not hired pending a passing grade. The thing that bothered me even more was that me and the other 10 guys were the FIRST ones to have to go through this whole stupid was all new to the company. So, while on the phone with him I said the following, "I understand your hands are tied and you have no control, but seriously, where did I fail? I am so confused, I was carrying 100 pounds...literally 100 pounds all over the place, climbing ladders, doing stairs, and the dude doing the testing even said I did a great job, my blood pressure was AMAZING, so this is very disappointing and confusing to me". He then responded with " Really? You carried 100 pounds around? Well that's weird...I mean, if there were certain things you couldn't do that's fine, I can live with that, but unfortunately I have no say".
So the conversation ended with him saying he was sorry, and that was it.
Well, I'm not gonna lie, I was pretty hurt and devastated. I went downstairs and had a wee bit of a cry, then got up, told myself to get over it....won't be the first, won't be the last, I can't be perfect at everything, and really, I'm a big girl and I can handle anything so pull up my big girl panties and get on with it, no sense in pouting about it.
So my son happened to be near town on a job so me and the hubster left the house and went for a visit in the city. We were gone for about 4 hours. Came home...and the freakin answering machine was lit up with 4 messages.
You see, before I left the house, I may have been a wee bit angry and bitter, and I may have applied for ten other jobs online before we left lol...well it turn out 2 out of the 10 called me back with in an hour of getting my resume. So yeah, that felt great, but the other two messages were what REALLY peaked my interest. 
You see, the other two messages were from the same guy that just REJECTED ME! What could he POSSIBLY want from me now.....does he need to rub it in more....well....I played the messages and he sounded pretty serious and purposeful on the messages.
I called him back....not knowing what was about to happen.
Well, turns out he marched over to head office, went up to the human resources and went to bat for me. Telling them he thinks their "new" tests are stupid, that he wants me working for him badly and I shouldn't fall into their "category" of what's acceptable.
I am not working in the same area as a lot of the men that will be working there, so he was able to find a "glitch" in their new found little system and "get me in".
So....I got my new job back after loosing it only 5 hours earlier. Huh...well....what a range of emotions did I go through in that short time.
So I had to say to myself....sure was nice that he did that for me....but should I still call back the other two jobs that called me and want me just in case there is another "issue". Do I put my eggs all in one basket with my dream job?
Well...I have decided to carry the eggs all in one basket...I tend to live a bit dangerously anyways lol.

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