Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Working in a man's world

I have NEVER seemed to "know" what my place is exactly. Even as a young girl growing up in a neighborhood with all boys, I was never the "doll" type of girl...I was in the dirt full on with the boys, I actually was the one pushing and hauling the boys around in wheelbarrows when we were like 10 yrs old. Then....around age 13 I dabbled a bit in makeup and doing my hair, trying to be girly.
Yes I do have my "girly" side that I like to feel....but when it comes to working, I much prefer working in the "man's" world. It's rather great. You don't have to worry about your "p's and q's", in fact...the dirtier and nasty you can be with them, the more respect you get from them....there is a bit of the "you have to proof yourself to us" attitude in some of them....but if you can put those one's in their place fairly quickly, and do it publicly where they are then laughed at by their other co workers, it tends to change quite fast.
I loved wearing the carhart pants, the steel toed boats, high viz vests with all the other garb one wears in a big industry man's world.....the BEST part of this job...is that I NEVER have to do my hair...so awesome....we wear hard hats all day so I never have to give a rats ass about my hair....so tonight I showered when I got home....and I didn't even brush my hair...AWESOMER!!!!!!!!!!!
I was so excited I came running out of the bathroom yipping to my husband how excited I was that I don't have to care what I look like until Friday, Saturday and Sunday lol. All the other days.....nothing lol.
The weirdest experience today though, was working along side this older guy who was training me on something and I happen to get a "wiff" of his personal odor lol....and I swear he was wearing women baby powder deodorant...lol....so to be sure of this surprising smell I had to some how verify I really was smelling what I was smelling.....well....can you imagine this sight....me plotting how to "go in for another sniff" LOL...yeah it was as awkward as it sounds....older, redneck dude, with a mullet, smelling like girls deodorant...very fresh lol.
It was a good first day, can't wait to see what the next day brings and the day after that. Anyways....I know one thing for sure....there's one dude I work with who is using his wife's deodorant LOL.

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