Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Garden spot complete...finally!

Well yesterday we were able to get a trailer load of what I call "black gold" anyone's just dirt. However, like a I have stated before...out here...dirt is like gold because of the ridiculous price they want to charge for it. Well, my local Mayor knew I was trying to find a good source of dirt without having to offer my first born child for some and she told me about a place. Well, wouldn't you know it, I got a whole trailer load for $30. Freakin awesome! He loaded into our trailer with his tractor and off we went....and then the hard work began. I got home and had to unload it all now by hand. The wheel barrow I had was of help for TWO loads and then the tire went no help. So for the next four hours I busted my butt and got er done! I will not be planting anything in it this year because underneath the dirt is cardboard and it's gonna need some time to compost down. So this fall I will be adding mulched leaves and other wonderful nutrient based things to add to the soil as it grows for me into a wonderful new patch. I did however manage to transplant our rhubarb into it's new spot so it can start to get established. Happy gardening :-)

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