Sunday, June 23, 2013

Busy and fun filled days of summer

Well summer is upon us and my days are filled with endless things to do. Some are filled with things to do around the house and yard, others are filled with adventure of discovering and exploring the area around us.
This last Saturday was spent going to the next biggest city to us Lethbridge and checking out the local farmers market and garage sale hunting. Sooooo much fun to do in a big city cause there's so much more crap to look at lol. So while we were out looking for sales we managed to take in the entire city finally and see all ends of it, we even got lost and LOVED it!
Since we left all of our stuff back in BC in our sea can on the farm the house is pretty empty, however, we have found some great deals in our adventures, such as a great sectional for $20 to go downstairs (we even felt kinda bad only paying $20 for it cause it's so great, but they guy is moving and just didn't want to move it) Other great finds such as a super great Asian Market nestled in a obscure part of town that happens to carry some super great German things hubster has not seen or had in a long time, plus some super great Asian stuff that we have not had in four years of living in the bush lol. Pretty much when we go out it's like two kids in a candy store ALL THE TIME lol.
Today I spent the day painting the downstairs a bright white and it just brightened it soooooooooo much it was hard to imagine it before. Not that it was terribly dark before, but when you paint it a bright white it changes it big time! So there is only two more rooms downstairs left to paint....hubster's office and the bathroom. Hubster will be responsible for his office as that is the space he will spend the most in so I think he will not want me to paint it a bright fuchsia pink lol
Today before the painting began there was a knock at the door and it was the neighbors across the road inviting us over to look through their sun telescope. WOW is all I can say, that was a really neat experience that I can't say I have ever had....along with it he gave us a great tutorial on all the aspects of the sun and all things related to was like a mini science class in our neighbors yard lol. And while there, I found out that they often visit the local Hutterite colony here so now I for sure have an in to that place....FINALLY.
The before, plain guest room

The after pic of the crazy colored guest room, wonder who will be our first brave guest lol...I'm hoping it will be one of my creative kids who will come and add there own creative touch to parts of this room with some paint to make it even more adventurous
Plants that the neighbor sent home with awesome....she starts them in her greenhouse and has to many, so now I am the happy recipient of her plants

My garden SLOWLY being started....still need more dirt gggrrrrrr, however....they prices for dirt here are about the same as a gold bar....$150 for one cubic yard!!!! That's $1800 for ONE TRUCK LOAD....WTF!!!! I say na na lol.

My sunflower patch is finally starting to show signs of growing...altogether I have 38 that have sprouted....I can hardly wait to see them a month from now!!!
An abandoned store front in my village that I would LOVE to open up a little bistro in!

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