Sunday, June 16, 2013

Day 7 of rebooting

I got up this morning and went for a walk around the village and was blown away by some of the beauty so close to in this picture, I just love the luscious green colors with cute little creek running by.
I am on day 7 of my juice fast (feast) and it's going great. I really have no complaints really, there has been the odd time I crave some good food, but only cause I torture myself by looking up recipes on Pintrest for crying out loud lol so it's my own fault.
I haven't pooped in 4 days, that's about the only shocking thing to me, for someone who pooped like three times a day  lol...but I am giving my system a nice little break and recovery from the over load I have been doing to it for 41 years, I'm sure my ass thanks me LMAO.
I have noticed that I have a ton more of energy, I am more awake and mentally clearer, things seem.....crisper, if that makes sense. A week ago, I would have had an afternoon nap everyday, and now I couldn't nap if I tried....and I have tried, yesterday I tried to have a nap but I couldn't.
In days 3 and 4 of the cleanse I has some wild and crazy vivid ass dreams, so vivid I was a bit freaked out when I woke up, but last night I finally didn't have any. I have heard that this can happen, don't know what it means and don't care really, it was just a fun but weird little trip.
I try to take walks like the one I took this morning to keep my self active while on the cleanse, and it's nice to do since I have moved to this new village, gives me the chance to scope it all out on my speed, and since I go early no one can see me stalking their gardens or lawns or flowers or just being plain snoopy lol.
So for now I continue one with this little cleanse adventure and see where it takes me and what it teaches me about my behaviors with food and why. The pictures is already that much clearer to me :-)

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