Wednesday, June 5, 2013


We moved this week, from BC to AB, this is not a new trek for us, as we have done it twice already in a few months with a loaded trailer, bringing supplies and things we need. The last few trips were painless and with ease. This trip not so much, this trip was filled with construction and FLAGGERS. Flaggers from HELL.
Now I know it's not an easy job, there's not a job out there that doesn't come with negatives and I am sure there is a lot of scary stuff out there as a flagger in the middle of my experience this time in traveling I can see why these flaggers would be afraid. Afraid of ME....because of her stupidity (and yes I am picking on one particular girl in Salmon Arm B.C) she just about caused a major pile up of cars. Well I shouldn't say stupidity, her out right need to be a bitch!
Our vehicle was pulling a fully loaded trailer so stopping at ANY speed is difficult, be it the 30 we were doing...when the required speed of 50 was being asked of us by ALL THE FREAKIN SIGNS ON THE ROAD, and then there were a few trucks and trailers behind us as well, going the same speed as us.....SLOW...however the cars in front of us, that were way up ahead were going way fast. So when we get to this flagger she jumps out in front of our SUV and just about hits the hood of our car waving her "slow" sign like a psycho path, my husband had to SLAM on his breaks and veer to the left to avoid hitting her, plus the truck behind us locked up his breaks, my husbster was worried we were gonna get nailed from behind...ALL BECAUSE THIS WANKER FELT WE WERE GOING TO FAST!!!! We were going 20 km UNDER the freakin speed limit!!! My window happened to be wide open as this happened, and I hear her say...."geez you guys, you need to slow down" you can well and my extrovert personality did not take this too well. I'm thinking in that split second, she just about killed a few of us with this crazy antic of her's, and then she has the gull to say this.......well lets just say I lost my shit!!!!!!! Had my hubster stopped there at that moment any longer, I would have been out of the vehicle and probably been in jail in B.C waiting to be bailed out lol. However, when I was done yelling at her she was not talking anymore. This I was hoping was the end of wrong was I.
After a few hours of my blood pressure coming down we are now waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay down the road, having a peaceful but long drive when AGAIN...another construction we didn't have an "incident" this time....but you could see them being on the verge of a stupid move lol....and the glaring they do....I swear....I just want to drive back that same route with a paint ball gun and give them all something to really glare about and a reason to might just be worth waiting for bail lol......NOT....I'd never give them anymore of my energy those sloths!!!!! Except for one last rant here :-)

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