Monday, June 10, 2013

Morning trail walk discovery

Well once again I have been pleasantly surprised by my new little village. Today I went to go for a morning walk to see what kind of route I would like to make a permanent one and to my discovery I found a nature walkway! It took me about 50 min to complete it round trip and I was in awe of the beauty so close to the house and a great walking route such as this.
This is where is starts

Great walking path!
I came upon this awesome but weird water system lol

Such a cute little river

All along this walkway there are signs like this informing you of what you may be looking at and all the different wildlife in the area, just LOVED that neat extra aspect.
Cute bird house along the way

Carmangay train bridge that is ALSO along this awesome trail

Stairs place perfectly along the trail in the middle of no where lol

Ah yes, even some benches if you need to take a rest along the way!

I just loved my new found path!!!

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