Wednesday, June 12, 2013


 I am giving my body a reboot. I went vegetarian last August and then tried Vegan at the beginning of the year, which I failed miserably to some degree. I don't drink milk now....ever...and this is where I fail lol...when I take cream in my coffee, or there is something made with milk, which seemed like everything lol. I lived in a small town and the options were very limited to me, which is no excuse but I used it as mine at the moment. Not good.
So because I was still eating cheese and things with milk products I still felt gross and felt like I really wasn't caring or taking care of myself.
And then I watched THIS!!!
I have never done a juice fast, or made juice or done any kind of the whole concept was new to me and weird. I did a bunch of research like crazy, got a pile of books and made the decision to try it out. I am currently at the end of day 3 of my juice fast. I have not killed or maimed anyone in my family or the general public lol. I have been told and read that day 3 and 4 are the WORST for your body detoxing. I have to say it hasn't been to could all change I am well aware of that.
Today we went to the city for some shopping and even entered stores such as Costco, Superstore, and even a freakin Dairy Queen cause I had to pee there really badly lol. Yeah, that's one thing, the peeing that seems to happen at all the wrong times lol. Like while I'm in the middle of walk in the morning and I have to find a freakin bush or something like a crazed wild animal LOL.
I am not having any cravings really except for when the t.v is on and I see some food commercial and for a split second I think "oh man that would be yummy" but then I remind myself that I no longer want that horrible crap in my body anymore!
I am able to gauge my body and it's needs now by day 3, I know how long I can go without needing more juice, or when I feel a certain way I know I need to start making my juice. I try to change up my juice itself along with the drinking device I deliver it to myself in lol. A good ol wine glass hold 2 cups of juice lol, and same with a beer glass lol.
I am experimenting daily with different things to juice as well, like today I discovered fennel bulb...I even added a little raw garlic and boy did that juice have a great kick to it, I loved it!
I am shooting for completing a 10 day juice fast, but if I feel great and mentally I think I can keep it going then I am gonna go for more, but I don't want to start off by saying that I'm gonna do a 60 day fast and then not make it all the way and feel like a failure. I have seen so many people want to with good intentions, but then go to 2 juices and one meal a day.
So....I take each day one at a time, so far at the end of this day 3 I feel good! I am giving my body a healthy reboot, detoxing from dairy, caffeine, advil's and many other naughty things! If anything my body is in shock from all the healthy doses of daily raw vitamins it's getting lol. Once I am done this fast, for however long it lasts, I really do want to be on the path of vegan/raw food lifestyle, it really does just make sense in a world full of so many sick people, I really have nothing to loose!!!

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