Friday, July 5, 2013

Back at the farm...

Things are OUT OF CONTROL lol....I was unsure if I drove up to the right spot in fact....and then the second thought was....should we start amazon tours here?
Being a province away is hard, it's hard to come back and know that it has not been kept up and looks like a derelict spot, that no one cares about it...but I do care, I am still in love with my shit shack and all that comes with it....I just can't be in two spots at once 12 hrs away. I know once we are more settled and life gets more of a routine, I will be able to spend time there AND here and take care of both spots and tend to them the way I do in fact like, but for now.....I will start amazon tours....I am pretty sure I can convince some foreigners that it's some kind of enchanted forest lol 
I am pretty sure this is where the back garden is...and I didn't know that garlic could grow 4 feet tall LOL

If you look very very closely you can see a garbage can in the tall grass lol

This is what I drove up too...the beginning of the amazon tour

Again, if you look closely, you can see our utility trailer in the deep deep grass
I once had a large lush garden here.....I think I see one tiny tiny patch of dirt lol

I think the greenhouse is the only place that DOESN'T have things growing in it lol

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