Saturday, June 8, 2013

Feeling settled

We are coming to the end of our first week here in our new home, and it feels divine!!! For the first time in my life, I was able to paint the walls that were MINE. Yes we owned our own home before this, but it was the "shit shack" lol...and it was a log home, so there was not a freakin normal wall in that house lol, so there for no painting for me, and all walls previous to that were "rented" walls.
So yesterday I started with our bedroom, two different shades of purple.....YUP...we went CRAZY with color and I LOVE IT! I am so happy I married an adventurous soul like my self who would be willing to try all kinds of fun colors. The thing about paint...we can paint it all again next month if we want!!!!
I will post pics laster this week of the final product in our room for all to see :-)
Living so close to family again is wonderful too, had my sister and son pop in for a surprise visit this week which was being close enough for random drives to happen.
I have been doing LOTS of weeding and digging and just general clean up of the yard, this place sat empty for almost two years so there hasn't been anything done to it for quite a while.
Here's a peek into my week of getting settled :-)
The painting supply corner lol

Boxes getting emptied and thrown down the stairs to the basement, cause seriously, who's gonna walk down there to place an empty box nicely....NOT ME!!!
Going for drives and seeing the pretty mountains far far off in the distance, we are discovering some other small towns we have never heard of and it's so much fun!
Deck bliss

Growing bliss

What was not bliss was digging the very deep seeded ugly ornamental grass weed like things out of this spot in preparation for my garlic and lettuce in that spot!
My mom bought me this herb kit which I can now finally have a bright sunny spot for!

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