Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Better late then never

I have yet to put in a big garden at our new home....I have been busy with stuff inside and outside....it's so hard to decide which one I want to tackle each day. I did however manage to finally decide WHERE the garden would at least go. I was dreading the effort of digging up the lawn for the garden until I found a web site that showed me how to do it all painlessly. All I have to do is lay cardboard down and then throw some dirt on top, that way the cardboard composts down and kills the grass and no digging and swearing for me...pretty much a win win!
Today I was able to liberate my raspberries, when we first moved here I gave them a massive haircut, as they had not been trimmed in years.....now grass has been growing between them for a month or so and needed to be weeded. So I spent the afternoon getting it all cleaned up.
This will be the garden spot!

A awesome little raspberry patch!!!

I this space next to the neighbors fence I was able to plant garlic, swiss chard and lettuce!

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