Friday, May 31, 2013


I might have a small reputation for getting into some kind of shenanigans....I won't deny it...much lol. Here are a few pictures of some of the fun I have had in the last few years....there isn't enough space to show ALL of them lol. One things for sure...a good time is always to be had!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Making monkey business at old jobs lol

Photo bombing my daughters red carpet grad walk lol
Seeking out the police at my daughters grad for a photo op lol
Seeking out the police...again

Yes, there's seems to be a pattern in my life....always seeking the police..I blame my BFF Shannon for this lol
Drinking, fishing, and paddle boating...not always the best plan...the boat sinks mostly on my side lol

Dressing up in hazmat suits just because we can....again...BFF Shannon seems to be an accomplice in these things a lot lol

Grabbing bikes and riding them around Canadian one to blame for this one lol
Stealing the bartenders tip boot so I can use it to drink my beer out of instead of the boring white cups lol

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