Friday, March 28, 2014

Unexpected day off

So I was up at 4:45 this morning....showered, packed lunch...all fresh for the final work day of the week.....and then I started the car with the remote car started.....for 5 minutes...then died.
Well.....lets just say the non morning type person that my hubster is was NOT impressed with having to meet his hubandly duties THAT early in the morning lol
So we found out it was the alternator...and so thankfully for of the people at my work lives a wee bit closer to me then the rest of the world lol....and a guy at work had an account at a place that had ours in stock and he gets a he went and picked it up for us today....and the lady that I work with is gonna drop it off here for tomorrow we can get it put in and be all good thankful for great people at work....weird to...since the guy who offered to help us out is the same guy who ALWAYS fights with me and calls me an effing idiot....I just don't get it...that guy is so confusing lol....he prides him self on being an asshole (his exact words to me....I'm not making that up...he actually said that to me) and yet he was the first one this morning at 6am to say he could help us
So by 9am this morning the hubster was really wanting me to go to work cause now all this much action this early really messed up his work day at home lol.....his routine got all turned around cause now the wifester was here to mess with it lol
Happy Weekend!

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