Sunday, March 30, 2014

Fire anniversary

Well two years ago today our world changed. Our quaint, unique little shit shack started on fire...and we are now forever changed because of it.
You never come out of an experience like that the of the major changes that we had to make was that we are no longer living our dream of living in a forest in a cabin and topless gardening for the rest of our lives. I had a dream, I lived it for five years, and now I am moving on with a new life.
I think about my dream was not everyone's dream home, it was was a shitty old log house that had so much character that it truly felt like it represented everything about me and I fell in love with it the first time I saw it....the hubster...well not so much...but I have a husband who loves his wife so much that he to learned to love it the way I did.
We have times where we sit here and we are sad....wish we were still there...but one cannot wallow on the past of what was...ya gotta move forward and this is what we are doing.
We still have the property and the burnt out house....not sure what we are gonna do with it....but we just can't give it up just yet.....we will be heading back there this spring...and I know the second we are back there it will bring it allllllll it always does....but I feel so incredibly blessed to have lived my dream for five years....that's more then a lot of people are able to say in their life time. I am grateful for a roof over my head...running water, a bathtub...electricity..a furnace that I just push a button and it comes on...a good paying job with a vehicle that runs to get to it....and a husband who loves me and understands his crazy wife and he desire for weird homes lol. Happy Fire Anniversary to us.

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  1. and it brought you back to Alberta :-) and knowing what to say to a sister as she called her in tears telling her that her own house was fire that day 5 months ago this past weekend :-)