Monday, March 10, 2014

Spring gardening itch

With the warm weather we had this weekend as a Chinook blew in, one can't help but get the "planting fever".
I am happy to announce that it wasn't just me getting the fever this year...but the hubster too was getting all involved and excited lol....yeah...what the hell....something crazy is happening in this family....I'm drinking beer and the hubster is excited about gardening :-)
So I like to be as frugal as possible when it comes to all things gardening, because one can spend a crap load of money at the store in regards to ANYTHING with gardening products.
So this afternoon I took all of our recyclables to the recycle center a block away and while I was there, I noticed a bunch of those plastic containers that people get produce in from Costco or they get their cookies and such too...well those containers make freakin awesome little mini greenhouses when your starting your seeds indoors.
So it's pretty sad when you come home with more then you went to the center with in the first place lol....this is a sign of a gardening addict lol.
So after I pulled out my last years seeds and some of the new ones I have already been purchasing and laid them all over the coffee table...I and the hubster started a few seeds this weekend. I will do more again next weekend, so we can spread out the times on the germination.
So the hubster seeded some of his herbs and two hours later is hovering over his containers and yelling from the other side of the room "when are they gonna grow?" LOL...sometimes he's worse then a three year old.
After our seeding frenzy....the hubster helped me get started on the frame for a small greenhouse I am building and have great ambitions for.
Again...the wood I got for free from my work, and the pex pipe I will be using as hoop supports I got free from work and same with a big box of screws you can see...all this garden stuff so far is free, with the exception of a few seed packets. Yeah frugal gardening!

Some of my plastic containers that I picked up from the recycle station in the sunny spot on the table.

Seed packet mania!

The start of the greenhouse/hoophouse....I'll take more pics next weekend of the progression on this.

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  1. Get hoola hoops from the dollar store, cut them in 1/2, drape with plastic drop cloths(also from the dollar store) and you have a green house!