Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Man-o-pause or Man-strual cycle

I don't know why at my age this still shocks at work and how they act. I have worked so much of my life with men....and most of the time I just shake my head and laugh it off.
Today it seems that for the most part....ALL of the men have "cycled up" together, and they are ALL freakin cranky as hell.
Today was going all good..and within 30 minutes of work, it just turned into one of those days where your secretly get to a computer or a phone with data and do a job search to see what's out there...but's like they all took there PMS pills or something and it all evened out for a bit again.....but then sets off the other one, and this pissed off that one...and BOOM.....they are all fighting with each other again. They are WORSE then's hard to stay out of it cause it just seems one of them always some how gets you sucked into the drama lol....I know I know...your shocked I'm talking about grown men...but what can I say....I just want the world to know what it's like for this middle aged woman just trying to make it in the male dominated world.....these guys though....sheesh....they make ALL women look real good....even the Desperate House Wives!
The back stabbing they do with each other...again yes....I'm speaking about grown men...mostly all in their 40's with a few 50 years old's and even a few 60 something er others....and then what seems to be deliberate sabotage they inflict on each other or to each other...and for they can feel like they are the bigger man or they think they look like the bigger man....I just don't get it....I just wish they could all meet up in the front yard, all pull down their pants and have a big ol penis party with a measuring stick lol...I wonder how many chests would be deflated along with their egos then!
So I can only hope that tomorrow they all take their pms pills at the same time or that they all cycle out of this insanity lol.....I times it can be very entertaining to sit back and watch the show...but dammit...I don't have popcorn at work and I don't have a chair to sit in!

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