Saturday, March 29, 2014

The journey


Oh the journey of life for everyone is different of course.....but what thing that seems to stay true to course is this one order to be happy WITH have to be happy by yourself first.
I had this journey experience and I am so grateful for is never appreciative of it when in one likes being alone...most people sob, and wallow in self pity..."why can't I find the right one"...when should be saying "yeah..I am the one....and why wouldn't any one want me".
When your happens.
Being a single parent for many years....I longed for a partner who was equal, who could take on the challenge of my extrovert personality. I had a few relationships that did not work....and at the time...was devastated and lonely and thought no one was ever going to be what I wanted.
But after while....instead of being "needy"....I took the road of  "picky"...and by picky I mean....I'm gonna start seeking what I WANT...and not just "oh hey, I'll deal with what's out there".
When it's a choice and not a situation of much better...and this is what they call "the one"..where you "just know"
I see so many people in miserable relationships...and I get why they are in them...I've been there done that...I just wish I could tell them to get out cause the future is so bright their gonna needs some shades!

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