Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Dysfunctional work family

This actually happened at work I witnessed the whole thing.

REALLY?  Someone actually made a quiz for this LOL...if you have to take a quiz to find out if your work is dysfunctional you are part of the reason it is!!!

When you spend 40 or more hours a week with these people...they become your "work family" terrifying as this is to me, it kinda is the truth. I mean...I sometimes feel like I see more of them (regrettably) then my own hubster. And when I do get home, I just talk about them to my real live hubster insane is that lol.
So last week I had a little "issue"....that's what I have decided to call it okay, leave me alone of the guys at work stated this "when your husband comes to work to kick so and so's ass, I'm gonna hold all the rest of them back and just let em at him".
So I told my hubster this statement....he laughed...and said "why would I have to go in there....they should be more terrified of what your gonna do to them" lol
He's see....what they should be more afraid of is me getting into their "heads"....and I have started this...on Monday in fact...and it's freakin them all out...some of them know I am doing it, but for the most part most of them don't....they know somethings up, but they can't pin point it...and this makes me gleeful :-)
I have in fact been able to crack three of their "domes" (and by that I mean....get into their heads ).
So they should never fear that I would come in and loose my mind and start screaming and fighting...oh no...what they need to fear the most is what I am going to do to them over time mentally, and to do it with a smile on my face :-)
I love how when I really start to get into their heads and they have the realization of this...they try to change the subject immediately...cause they just realized how vulnerable they just became to me and they get all freaked out by this discovery as they are standing right in front of me...again...I just smile.
Today I had one guy even say..."stop it, don't go there" to which I responded "stop what? You allowed your self to go there, why are you afraid of it? Do you still need to work on that?"
Yup....that's right....I will get them all gathered by one....and I will find out why all of them are the way they are lol. What will I do with this information? Arm myself with this knowledge of how each one works so that I can better utilize them for a more functioning work place.....and maybe for personal gain....ya never know LOL.
I am looking forward to after work beers again this Friday, where I will have the opportunity to dive a little deeper into a few of their domes, as they make them selves vulnerable with beer LOL.
Cheers to work place insanity!

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