Saturday, March 8, 2014

Replenish and spring forth!

Well I did just that on Friday night....I refreshed my spirit with some Canadian beer. It's been a long time that I have been so agitated and annoyed to my core that I have gone out of my way to go and pick up some beer to swig on after work.
I am not going to go into the ugly details of the perpetrator at work who helped induce this irrational behavior of mine. What I will say is this....I cannot place the sole blame on them for the outrageous way I felt at work because of how this person acted and treated me....because this person would have not had this hold or power over me had I not reacted and allowed it to bother me.
So...I found it a good life lesson to revisit with myself and thought I'd share. You give power by reacting....and I know better, and for the most part I don't let things get to me in such a way it shakes my core....but after a looooooooooong battering week by this person and a looooooooooong week of avoidance and finally a head on with can just imagine.
So after work I stopped and got some beer, took er home, and drank some of which the hubster was stunned and shocked and excited cause he's never seen this before and wanted to know where his wifester was lol.
So was a soul replenish going to town or shopping of any kind this weekend...a full out stay home, collect my thoughts, replenish, get centered and renew my self. What a better weekend to do this then when we all "spring forward" in time on Sunday.
So I have done NOTHING all day and it feels pretty great...I had a fantastic two hour afternoon nap...and now I am listening to some fantastic ambient music that is soothing my soul to the core as I tickle my creative side in my craft corner of the house.
So I shall take the power back, thank the universe for another life lesson and move on and learn from it....and spring my ass forward tomorrow to a much better place mentally and emotionally :-)

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