Sunday, March 16, 2014

Plant lift off!

So from last weekend to this weekend I have lift off on my cabbage and kale....and the hubster has lift off on his lettuce and some of his herbs.
This weekend I have started three different kinds of peppers to be kept in my green house once it's complete. But at least they need about 8 weeks inside the house so I'll have time to get my butt in gear and get the green house done lol.
All of our snow if gone here in our Southern Alberta flat land home...and at one point today before the sleepiness took me for a three hour nap, I even raked part of the lawn....CRAZY...since back at our farm in BC there is still 5 feet of snow everywhere lol. I DON'T miss it one bit..although it's very beautiful there, and I thoroughly enjoyed my five years of beauty there...I really really really like not having snow in the middle of March.
Happy Spring Growing Madness to you all!

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