Friday, January 3, 2014

Great start to the new year!

Best day EVER...time on my birthday with my children....what more could a Mom ask for.....nothing! Spending time with my kids fills my soul and I love that they are adults with their own lives to live, I have to take advantage of any time I can get with them, yet alone BOTH at the same's like I hit the jackpot today lol!

Not only did I get to see my kids, but I was totally spoiled by my husbster who has continued to enable my horrible owl addiction by giving me more owl necklaces and some amazing sewing accessories....AND...a new blow dryer....first time in my life I have not had to buy my own blow crazy is that....when I was young I remember using my Dad's (when he still had hair lol) and that old thing would blow yer head off after that I bought my own....and until today, that's just how it was....but then my awesome hubster got me a sweet ass blow dryer and it sure feels great to have someone who knows me so well and loves me so much.....I truly am the luckiest gal around today!

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